Hello Fall

It’s officially below 60 degrees in Chicago, when did this happen? I welcomed my favorite season with flannel and too many PSLs, naturally.

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

 What I’m Wearing:

Denim & Bracelet Ann Taylor | Shoes Chinese Laundry | Bag Thrifted Coach |Top H&M | Rings Misc.

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Xo Megan

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Trend Spotting: Kimonos

A friend recently came to me perplexed over the trend flooding her Pinterest and Instagram feed over the past year. They’re rocked at festivals, concerts and all over the internet. But how do you wear this trend without looking “basic?” Simple.

Step One: Be original. Stay true to your personal style and don’t over think it.

Step Two: Avoid the costume. Don’t look like a walking Free People ad. (Unless that’s your thing. You do you girl.)

Step Three: Dress it up and down!

Here are three ways I love to wear mine! 

Throw it over a dress:




Got denim and a white tee? Just add bling!:




Give it an edge! Layer a band tee and some leather:


photo 5-4




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Xo Megan



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How to: Black & White For Work


Who said black and white workwear had to be boring? Whether you’re working in corporate or creative, black and white is always safe, but it doesn’t have to look that way. Shake up your staples by incorporating patters and rich textures and fabrics, while adding a pop of color!


What I’m Reading: Lean In For Graduates

What I’m Wearing: Silk Blouse (Similar), Jacquard Skirt, Caged Heels, Watch, Earrings, Lips


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love, Megan

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Five Things 6.23

#1.) The Hunt

Screen shot 2014-06-22 at 7.19.59 PM

Image courtesy of The Hunt

Ever find that perfect item on Pinterest and have no idea where to find it? Yep there’s finally an app for that. Meet The Hunt! It’s a community full of shopping and fashion-obsessed huntresses like myself searching for and tracking down items for ourselves and others. You can post a photo of what you’re looking for or receive personalized suggestions. Download it here!

#2.) MAC’s Turquatic


This is the perfect Summer scent whether you’ll be at the beach or behind your desk. MAC’s fresh and ocean-inspired fragrance has notes of Anemone, Lotus, Orris, & Corsican Blue Cedar. I opted for the travel-friendly rollerball but will definitely be picking up the full size. I don’t know why I hadn’t given this one a try sooner! 

#3.) DV by Dolce Vita


It’s a complete coincidence that my two favorite sandals for summer are DV by Dolce Vita, but no surprise. I love that this brand is always on trend yet still affordable. I picked up both the Caged and Marynn styles from Nordstrom!

#4.) Maxi Skirts


Image courtsy of Ann Taylor

Particularly, this one from Ann Taylor. I have not seen anything like it and I’m excited to see how I can take it from day-to-night. Stay tuned!

#5.) Sam Hunt

Meet your new favorite country singer – and summer soundtrack! I see big things happening for the guy who wrote Kenny Chesney’s “Come Over” and Keith Urban’s recent hit “Cop Car” in the near future. I’ve got his new single “Leave the Night On” on repeat. Who’s on your summer playlist?


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Xo Megan

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What I Wore: Graduation Day


The day finally came! I Graduated from DePaul University this past Sunday and could not be more excited (and a little relieved). It still hasn’t hit me that I’m done with my undergrad years forever. Thank you to everyone who made the day extra special for me! I can’t wait to see where life will take me!

photo 3-3_2

 What I Wore:

  • Dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs
  • Shoes: Aldo
  • Earrings: Francesca’s Collection
  • Bangle: Sequin

photo 3-4

photo 4-2

Congratulations to all my fellow graduates & cheers to new beginnings!

Xo Megan

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PostGrad: 6 Tips For Moving Back In With The Rents’

1.)  Set Some Ground Rules

Come to a mutual understanding with your parents early on to avoid future conflicts. Basically get all the awkward conversations out of the way before something comes up. Whether that’s establishing if or what you’ll be paying for, rules about overnight guests and so on. You’re no longer in your college apartment or dorm with roommates on a similar schedule, so be sure to be courteous and hash out everything before you start getting on each other’s nerves.

2.)  Claim Your Space

If you’re like me you’re coming back to your 18-year-old self’s preserved humble abode. Re-decorate and refresh your space with new bedding or a new coat of paint. Replace old photos with new ones from college and put up new memories that you’re proud of and make you happy, like sorority paddles or awards. And my favorite tip, whether you landed your first job or your still applying, create a brand new work space with a desk where you can sit down and focus. (See number 5 for more on this)

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

3.)  Establish a Routine

To avoid getting stuck in a slump, create a routine for yourself. Dedicate time to working out and staying healthy, time for play and time for work. For me this will mean job hunting and keeping up with my blog on top of working my retail job. Once you settle into a routine it will be easy to stay on track and keep moving forward.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

4.)  Make yourself useful & Be Appreciative

Congrats! You graduated and your parents haven’t kicked you out (yet). You’re lucky you have people who want to help, so be grateful! Pick up after yourself and offer to help around the house. This includes doing your own laundry, dishes and keeping your room at least organized. You’ve been able to handle it all on your own for four years and no you don’t get a break from being a grown up just because your moms around!

5.) Remember Your Life Isn’t On Pause

It’s just beginning! Even if it is in your parents house. Go on an adventure, stay busy, connected with friends and get out there. Whether it’s planning summer trips, going to concerts or just grabbing a drink with your friends, remember to have fun and keep moving forward. Find an outlet! For me, that’s keeping up with my blog and reading about my industry everyday. This keeps me plugged-in and thinking, even when I’m not working full time (yet!).

Good Reads for PR & Journalism Gals:

6.) Stay positive and Have a Game Plan

Remember that this is only temporary, and everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. Try to create a time line of getting yourself out of your parent’s house. You are going to land that job and save up for your own place eventually. Just remember that everything takes time, so enjoy this kind of time you have with your family, you probably won’t get again!

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

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Xo Megan

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Transition Uniform


Summertime Chi? Not quite. Slowly but surely it will officially be upon us, but until then us Chicago girls know to keep our skinnys and light jackets on hand. My tip for transitioning into a new season? Layer, layer, layer. A sheer tank and light coat combo is just the trick to take you from a breezy afternoon to a night out.

Get The Look:

 Jacket (Similar). Tank (Similar). Skinny Jeans. Earrings(Similar). Bracelet. Booties(Similar). Purse.

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Xo Megan

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PostGrad: Inspiration

c160db83e892876e983a2d4a47c52d00 cf362343373511687eb4655730389932 d1352bb06a6b6bfcdb0dcebf051e93a0 ddb68bd04bbcff41568e9c7c5e3ad097 112b955a688ca9cb5ad910b246fbbddd


For more PostGrad inspiration follow my “Words” and “Profesh” boards on Pinterest! And remember – It’s going to be okay!

Xo Megan

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Introducing… My PostGrad Series!


I never thought this day would come but I’m about to graduate from college! As much as I have loved and cherished my undergrad years I am truly excited (and a little scared) to enter the unknown, aka post grad life.


This series will include everything and anything about how to survive the “Postgradpocolypse.” From dressing for interviews, to how to not freak out about moving back in with your parents, I’ve got you covered. But hey, bare with me this is all new for me too! So here goes nothin’.

Xo Megan


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The Hair Diaries: Pale Blonde

The Inspiration:

The Final Effect:


Truthfully, I’d love to be a single toned platinum blonde, but I just don’t have the time or patience for the upkeep! So instead, I compromised and opted for a pale blonde, and I couldn’t be happier. My colorist, Mary Beth at Infinity Salon, layered two light blondes for a bright yet dimensional effect. Maybe one day I’ll go all in…but until then.

Xo Megan

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