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As of late, I’ve become incredibly picky when it comes to jewelry and accessories. In high school and through college I would buy random accessories left and right to coordinate with specific outfits in mind. These days, I’m much more particular looking for transitional pieces that speak to my own personal style. In comes Rocksbox! (, the premiere destination to borrow jewelry BEFORE you buy.

For a monthly fee, Rocksbox members receive a curated box of designer with the option to borrow, buy or swap at any time. And I have a treat for you!

As a #RBItGirl you can use my promo code “meginhighheelsxoxo” to get your first month FREE! Yep – fo free.

I’ll definitely be keeping this sexy House of Harlow 1960 piece – already excited for my next box!

Keeping it Real in High Heels Rocksbox Collab

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5 Things: Fall 2015

While everyone has seemed to skip straight from Halloween to Christmas, I’m still over here in November appreciating what’s left of the Fall. So without further ado, here are five things I’ve been loving all season long…

1. Cut out booties

Jeffrey Campbell booties

I got a lot of questions about these after my September OOTD went up. Sold out at the time and quickly restocked, Jeffrey Campbell has been killing the bootie game this season. These have been my favorite thanks to their buttery distressed leather and silver, western inspired hardware. As it gets cooler I plan on pairing these with some printed socks and cropped denim. Find some more of my favorite cut out booties here, here and here.

2. Ice blonde
Ice Blonde, Platinum Blonde

I may be a little bias here, but I can’t get enough of this platinum blonde shade that has been gaining traction in 2015. Slowly but surely I’ve made my way up to becoming a double process blonde. There’s nothing “basic” about this look, nor is it for anyone who prefers to fly under the radar. Let’s put it this way, I picked my little brother up from school and he got in the car and said “well I had no problem seeing you from across the parking lot.”
Straight, wavy or I woke up like this, I love my hair. I’ll even love it when my roots start growing in, it gives off kind of a rebel vibe and is a look you have to commit to. With upkeep every 4-6 weeks and conditioning essential, you have to “commit” to this financially as well. This article breaks it down for you, or if enough of you are interested I’ll share my going platinum story, tips and tricks in another post soon.

3. Leave Your Mark

Leave Your Mark, Keeping it Real in High Heels

Whether you’re an aspiring fashion PR professional, working in fashion, or any creative, competitive industry, you’ll appreciate Licht’s unparalleled advice and quick wit in Leave Your Mark. This book was the kick in the ass I needed, that I picked up, couldn’t put down, and highlighted/re-read the crap out of when I needed some motivation. Formerly known as the groundbreaking @DKNYPRGIRL, she shares her experiences, advice and more, complete with Devil Wears Prada-esque moments and insider secrets.

4. Lace up everything

Nasty Gal Lace Up Dress, dark lip

This one is self explanatory and everywhere as of late. Whether its on a dress, bodysuit tucked into some denim, or on your feet, the lace up trend adds instant sex appeal. Nasty Gal has been my favorite for reasonably priced lace up finds. My tip – DON’T WEAR A BRA. Seriously – get yourself some nipple covers or cutlets if need be. Wearing a bra will just ruin the entire look.

5. Sound and Color

Sound and Color

Released in April, Sound & Color is Alabama Shakes’s sophomore album that I haven’t been able to stop listening to. It took me a minute to jump on the bandwagon, but their retro, kind of southern psychedelic rock won me over. (Is that even a thing?) I could not pick a favorite song from the album, but three on repeat for me are Don’t Wanna Fight, Shoegaze and Future people. If you havnt given them a chance yet…I’ll just leave this here. You’re welcome.

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Little Flannel Dress

I don’t think there’s anything more “Fall” than a cozy flannel dress. Easily layered, dressed up or dressed down, a flannel dress is in my opinion, the new Fall essential and I plan on adding a few more to my closet.

It’s still warm in Nashville so I paired mine with booties and a wool hat. For cooler temperatures, add some black tights and/or over the knee socks and a leather jacket.

Until next time – Happy Halloween everyone!

Fall Essentials: Flannel Dress

Fall Essentials: Flannel Dress

Fall Essentials: Flannel Dress

Fall Essentials: Flannel Dress

Fall Essentials: Flannel Dress

Fall Essentials: Flannel Dress

Fall Essentials: Flannel Dress

Fall Essentials: Flannel Dress

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